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Extruded plastic for food packaging and food processing

Extruded plastic for food packaging and food processing

From the very beginning, TU-EX has been a plastic film manufacturer for the food processing industry, and to this day the packaged food industry remains our main market. With 30+ years of innovation and experience in developing plastic packaging and food technology products, we are a supplier of:

  • sausage casings

  • inner lines

  • plastic sheets

  • nylon bags

  • cooking bags 

Sterile plastic film, sheets and bags with high food safety

Our innovative and flexible packaging material are used for many different kinds of food productions, ranging from of different kinds of meat to bakery and ice cream. TUB-EX’ products are known for their high quality and performance, i.e. for their protective barriers against water, bacteria or oxygen and their great accuracy and suitability for products in need of sterilization, ensuring the highest level of food safety. Here is a list of the typical food products you will find in TUB-EX’ plastic film:

  • meat, sliced meat

  • sausages/ salami

  • hams

  • fish

  • cheese

  • lamb, turkey, pork, beef

  • bakery products

  • ice-cream

  • vegetables, i.e. ginseng

Plastic foil for maturing, dry aging, curing or smoking meat, fish or cheese

We are especially proud of our Tublin® 10, which among other uses is excellent for dryaging meat. Because of its innovative food technology, this bag won a Food & Beverage Product Innovation Award at the NRA Show 2011 in Chicago, USA. The bag is not just a protective packaging material, but a more of a process help, which improves safety and yields and reduces waste.
Read more about this here.  

The product is also outstanding when it comes to drying and smoking hams (Tublin® 5), maturing cheese, and salting, smoking and drying of fish. The latter product use has been studied at Universitat Politècnica de València showing great results.
You can find more information about this here.

We are always expanding our awareness towards other industries, where tubular extruded film products are needed. Please contact us, if you have an idea or a technical question about our products.

Tub-Ex ApS is audited yearly by the Danish Ministry of Food, Veterinary and Fisheries. In 2015 we received an “Elite Smiley”.
Click to see the English version of the Elite Smiley or read the Danish version of the Elite Smiley