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Tublin ®

“Our award winning Tublin® film has a complete and consistent bacteria barrier, but let’s water through the foil at the same time. This plastic film is ideal for aging, drying, smoking and maturing food products ensuring the highest level of food safety.”

Revolutionary plastic for food processing

There is a tendency in especially the food industry to develop packaging with higher and higher barrier properties in order to prolong the shelf life. Tublin® is the exact opposite.

Today, traditional high quality food, which is conserved the old fashioned way like salting, drying and smoking, experiences more and more difficulties in living up to today’s demand for fast processing, high food safety, and high yields. Tublin® is the solution for many of these products offering a new kind of plastic for food processing.

Tublin ® increases yields and eliminates waste

Tublin® plastic bags makes it possible to handle the food processing of traditional products as always but with a barrier against contamination, bacteria and mould growth ensuring an even higher food safety than previously. This, without loosing the maturation process and the special flavors of the product. At the same time yields are increased, handling minimized, and unnecessary waste eliminated. Tublin® is not only a packaging material but even more so a process help.

Tublin® 10 wins a product innovations award

The Tublin® 10 bag won a Food and Beverage Product Innovations Award at the NRA Show 2011 in Chicago, USA, in 2011. The award was given in recognition of progressive food and beverage products that will make a significant impact in the restaurant industry. The Tublin® 10 bags are sold in the US under the name “UMAI DrybagSteak” by the company of the same name.

Read more about our product innovation.

A innovative plastic foil with multiple purposes

Besides being a revolutionary product for the food industry, Tublin® may also be used for medical purposes i.e. autoclaving, securing medical products with a bacteria barrier and for making cushions for preventing decubitus etc.

Today Tublin ® is used for:

  • dry aging and maturing beef and meat

  • salting and drying of fish

  • drying and curing ham

  • drying vegetables, i.e. ginseng

  • smoking products, i.e. fish

  • maturing of cheese

  • autoclaving

  • securing medical products

  • cushions for preventing decubitus

Tublin® types

Tublin® 00

It is excellent for drying, smoking and maturing products such as: Dried and cured sausages; Smoked and cooked foodstuff, as well as fermented products.
A sausage in TUBLIN® 00 will dry quicker and without dry-crust like ordinary casings.

Tublin® 05

It is excellent for drying, smoking and maturing produces such as: Dried meat; Dried and cured meat; Smoked and cooked products and Fermented products as well as for dry-aging of beef.
A product packed in TUBLIN® 5 will dry quicker than without any packaging.

It is excellent for drying and smoking smoking of fish.

Universitat Politècnica de València used this material for the development of their new production methods for salted and dried cod and salted and smoked salmon.

Read more about the reports from Universitat Politècnica de València at phys.org  or sciencedaily.com – or watch a video made by Universitat Politècnica de València showing the process of using the bags (it is in Spanish).

Tublin® 10

The Tublin® 10 bag has a significant lower permeation, and is closed against bacteria.
It is excellent for dry-aging of beef as well as for dried ham. It is also suited for: Dried and cured meat; Cooked products and Fermented products.

 Winner of a Food & Beverage Product Innovation Award at the NRA Show 2011 in Chicago USA!