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Technical industry

Environmental bags and and endless plastic tubes for technical fields

Environmental bags and endless plastic tubes for technical fields

TUB-EX offers a wide range of tubular extruded films for several tailor made technical solutions as, for instance:

  • Rilsan bags for environmental or police investigation use

  • Stuffing tubes for explosives, tar or asphalt

  • Endless tubes for packaging of long items like fishing or curtain rods

  • Inner liners for gas pipes

  • Temporary ventilation pipes

  • Emergency water pipes

  • Temporary exhaust pipes

The possibilities are endless.

If you have a special application please do not hesitate to contact us, as we might have the solution to your need. With more than 30 years of experience in the tubular film extrusion industry, we have solved many different kinds of problems for our customers representing a wide range of industries. And we continue to do so.

Products typically used in the technical fields

Amilin® T6

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Amilin® T11

Amilin® T11 is a sterilizable tubular film with a good oxygen and moisture barrier. It has extremely low migration, which makes it very suitable for bags used for environmental bags, e.g. soil samples, and collection of evidence as well as for other specific sensitive samples.

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Amilin® T40

Used for applications where high chemical resistance is needed. Also suitable for strong smelling products. Strong flexible film. High sealing strength.

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Polylin® T

Suitable for various packaging of especially long items like curtain-rails, fishing-rods etc. Also very suitable as protection of table- and chair-legs under transport or painting. As well as for packaging where exact size is important.

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The Rilsan bag has an extremely low migration, and a good oxygen and moisture barrier. It is suitable for collection of samples (e.g. soil samples) and  is especially suitable for PID testing (Photo Ionisations Detector). The bag is, however, also suited for collection of other kinds of evidence, which must be transported to the lab for examination (e.g. debris).

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