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Medical industry

Sterilisable medical bags and pharmaceutical packaging for the health care industry

Sterilisable medical bags and pharmaceutical packaging for the health care industry 

At Tub-ex, we produce tubular film which can be used as packing material in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. We are able to convert the tubular film into bags or sheets, ideal for packaging of sterile medical devices. All films recommended for use in the medical industry are sterilisable. Please go to our technical section to read more about bags used for collection of samples to be tested in the lab.

Unique Vapodrain® technology for preventing decubitus

The Vapodrain® technology is based on the unique Tublin® film developed by TUB-EX. The technology is used for various medico applications as Tublin® is very skin friendly and allows the skin to breathe and sweat normally. At the same time it provides a secure barrier against bacteria and vira making the product ideal for preventing decubitus.

Tailor made plastic bags for the medical and pharmaceutical industry

We are constantly working on developing new products for both our existing as well as new markets. If you have a special application please do not hesitate to contact us, as we might have the solution to your problem. With more than 30 years of experience in the tubular film extrusion industry, we have solved many problems for customers representing a wide range of industries.

Products typically used in the technical fields

Amilin® M6

Description coming soon.

Amilin® M40

Amilin ® M40 is used for applications where high chemical resistance is needed. Strong flexible film. High sealing strength.
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Amilin® H6

Used as packaging material in the medical industry. Used for dry heat, as well as beam and autoclave sterilization.
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