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Polylin ® T



Suitable for various packaging of especially long items like curtain-rails, fishing-rods etc.
Also very suitable as protection of table- and chair-legs under transport or painting.
As well as for packaging where exact size is important.


Lay flat size:
50-300 mm – tolerances +/- 1 mm
Wall thickness:
60-120µ – tolerances +/- 10%
-40 °C up to 60 °C


Typical Value


0.92 g/cm³
ISO R1183D
Melting Point
> 100 °C
ASTM D 3418
Oxygen Transmission
5000 cm³/40µ/m²/24h (23°C/50%RH)
DIN 53122
Water Vapour
5 g/40µ/m²/24h (38°C/90%RH)


Dark, below 25 °C and 75% RH.
Should be used within one year from date of production.


Polylin® has a very high water barrier.

A special extrusion technique ensures a very narrow width tolerance.


POLYLIN® fulfils the demands for direct food contact in accordance with the European Regulation No 1935/2004 and the European Directives (82/711/EEC and amendments (93/8/EEC-97/48/EEC) – 85/572/EEC – 2002/72/EC).
Max. 80 µm wall thickness for direct contact with food not containing more than 15% alcohol.

Global migration based on executed test made with:
Simulant: acetic acid 3% (w:v), 4 hours at 100°C and 10 days at 40°C.
Fatty simulant: ethanol 95%, instead of olive oil, 4,5 hours at 60°C and 10 days at 40°C.

Note: This statement is provided for your guidance only and no warranties on your final products. Because the
conditions of commercial use are not under our control, therefore migration tests on the finished package are needed for reconfirmation by the user.

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