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Polylin ®



Suitable for various foods, such as minced mutton or beef, meat slices and fish.

Also suitable for bakery products, as well as ice cream.


Lay flat size:
50-300 mm – tolerances +/- 1 mm
Wall thickness:
60-120µ – tolerances +/- 10%
32-190 mm
-40 °C up to 60 °C


Typical Value


0.92 g/cm³
ISO R1183D
Melting Point
> 100 °C
ASTM D 3418
Oxygen Transmission
5000 cm³/40µ/m²/24h (23°C/50%RH)
DIN 53122
Water Vapour
5 g/40µ/m²/24h (38°C/90%RH)


Not necessary.
Be careful with adjustment of the break.
Dark, below 25 °C and 75% RH.
Should be used within one year from date of production.


Polylin® has a very high water barrier.

A special extrusion technique ensures a very narrow width tolerance.


POLYLIN® fulfils the demands for direct food contact in accordance with the European Regulation No. 10/2011/EC as amended by regulation 321/2011/EC, No. 1282/2011/EC and 1183/2012/EC on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food.

Global migration based on executed test made with:

Method Nor. EN 1186-4:
Exposure to olive oil by pouccell. Gravimetric + GC/FID determination
Limit of detection: 2 mg/dm2
Method Nor. EN 1186-5:
Exposure to 10% ethanol by cell. Gravimetric determination
Limit of detection: 1 mg/dm2
Specific migration based on executed test made with:
Method Nor. EN 13130:
Solvent dissolution and determination by GC/MS
SML: Laurolactam
Limit of detection: 0.3 mg/kg

It can be used for contact with aqueous and fatty foodstuff with a pH > 4.5.
If used for foodstuff with a pH < 4.5 it must be tested again using a simulant B (Acetic acid 3%).

Note: This statement is provided for your guidance only and no warranties on your final products. Because the conditions of commercial use are not under our control, therefore migration tests on the finished package are needed for reconfirmation by the user.

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