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Rilsan ® types:

The Tub-Ex Rilsan bag is produced from PA11, which is one of few polymers produced from oil made of castor beans.

The Rilsan bag has an extremely low migration, and a good oxygen and moisture barrier. It stands temperatures up to 160 °C. It is suitable for collection of samples – e.g. soil samples – and it is very suitable for PID testing (Photo Ionisations Detector), as well as for collection of other kinds of material, which must be transported to the lab for examination (e.g. fire debris, forensic evidence, object to be tested for contamination).
Please click to see a demonstration of how to use the bags in the field.

We carry these standard sizes in stock:

  • 200 x 400 x 0,04 mm

  • 250 x 500 x 0,04 mm

  • 300 x 600 x 0.04 mm

  • 450 x 750 x 0.04 mm

The Tub-Ex Rilsan bags in 200 x 400 x 0,04 mm and 250 x 500 x 0,04 mm can be delivered without print or with a standard print in either Danish, English or German. It is packed in boxes of 500. Strips for closing are included in both packaging types.

The Tub-Ex Rilsan bag can be produced on request in any lay flat size from 50 mm up to 400 mm (± 1 mm) in wall thickness from 30µ to 80µ (± 10%). We can produce the bags in any length from 175 mm to 1,500 mm.

We can deliver the bag with a up to 4 colour print of e.g. your company name/logo and/or a writing space of your choice. We have a 5.000 bag minimum for customized bags.

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